Series of Big Data Project Management - Ten Gotchas in Big Data Project Management

Over the years I have interacted with many project engineers, managers and customers who have raised  practical issues to encountered and solved during the course of a Big Data project management.

Recently I had conducted an workshop with some of them and what I include here are a few slides from that workshop.

I call them - 
The Ten Gotchas of Big Data Project Management.

Before Starting a Big Data Project

1.  How to Handle The Risk of Missing Deliverables

2.  How to Convince The Infrastructure Requirements

3.  How to Integrate The Required Data Sources In a Working Model

4.  How to Scale The Solution In Production

5.  How To Handle When Analytical Models Turn Out To Be Too Complex

6.  How To Handle The Risk Of Solution Becoming Non Reproducible or Non Reusable

7.  How To Satisfy The Security And Privacy Requirements (GDPR et. al.)

8.  How to Ensure End To End Data Governance (Key For Big Data Service Delivery)

9.  Skilled Manpower Is Always Short In Supply

10.  How To Plan? It Is Always A Challemge

Hope these tips will be useful to you and I shall publish a few more such posts focused on Big Data Project Management in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading.